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1. Treat everyone with respect
2. Make instructor aware when entering the mat
3. Make the instructor aware when leaving the mat for ANY reason
4. Ensure your gi and your person are clean, nails trimmed.
5. No shoes on the mat
6. Feet must be clean & Shoes MUST be worn up to the mat. Shoes also to be worn to the toilets 
7. Parents, please leave coaching to the instructors
8. Shake hands with all Black belts on entering the mat.
9. If late to class make the instructor aware before coming onto the mat
10. Line up in grade order at the beginning of class
11. Always shake hands before sparring 
12. Give way by grade during sparring. If you are getting too close to another pair, the lower grade pair will move.
13. Questions welcome, no off topic talking during instruction
14. Take care of your training partners and yourself. Do not attempt acrobatic movements in sparring that you have not drilled, especially if you are significantly larger than your partner.
15. No slamming 
16. Do not attempt flying techniques without prior instruction
17. Tie your belt, fix your gi and stand with good posture to finish the class.
18. No photos or video on the mat without permission 
19. All necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewellery should be removed before training. 
20. No food or drink on the mat 
21. Respect the tap. If your partner taps, release them carefully. 
22. If it hurts - tap. It is better to train tomorrow.

BJJ ETIquette

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