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"Mixed Martial Arts"

"The ultimate sport"

MMA is a mixture of striking, grappling & ground fighting.

To get an insight to MMA, think cage fighting, or UFC.

It is without a doubt the fastest growing combat sport globally.

Originally, MMA was designed to test different fighters from different backgrounds but it has grown hugely in the last few years. 

Despite what some martial arts claim, MMA is the best self defence system in the world, since it tests all aspects of the fight (excluding weapons)

It covers stand up & ground, against a variety of styles.  


6 huge benefits of starting MMA

- Increased confidence 

-Improved mood

-Reduced stress

-Improved fitness

-Increased strength 

-Make friends 

Our classes are run by head MMA coach Keith

Saturday mornings at 9.30am. What better way to start your weekend!

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