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Confidence and Comfort Zones

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

During my time I’ve experienced a few things that most people would be consider to be “pretty mental” – travelling at 160mph on a motorbike; climbing to the top of a 140foot tree and relaxing purely to enjoy the view; being beasted for 7 hours to earn my black belt In kickboxing.

Yet after doing all that with only a few flutters in the stomach and being willing to do all of that and more again, Its very important to remember that the first time I went above 30 feet in a tree – I was bricking it. The first time I was allowed to ride a bike without an instructor? Terrified. Standing in line waiting to start my grading for my black belt? Butterflies everywhere.

When I first started climbing someone told me “life starts outside your comfort zone” at that point, I think I was about 20ft off the ground. I had found the limits of my comfort zone.

Every step above that took a huge amount of willpower to not call it and say “no, im good for today, let someone else take over from here” but day after day, week after week of being strong when you feel weak, being brave when you feel scared and you can see and feel the progress that you’re making.

It is a conscious and very difficult choice to make to step outside of your comfort zone but it is also one of the most rewarding choices you can ever make.

Ask yourself now – where is your comfort zone for push ups? How many will you do before you stop? Even better – find out. Push until your arms are shaking and you cant lift yourself anymore.

The next question to ask is whether you see yourself as having failed for not completing that last push up, or whether you succeeded in completing all the previous ones? Perception can be a funny thing but in reality it doesn’t matter as long as you keep pushing yourself further to achieve the goals you desire.

Perhaps it will be the next day, perhaps the next week, but regularly push yourself outside of your comfort zone and you will be rewarded with that extra push up – before you achieved 15, today you achieved 16. Tomorrow is up to you.

Remember – winners never quit and quitters never win.

Quitters explore their comfort zone and set up a nice comfortable camp.

Winners step outside their comfort zone and apply their energy to expanding it; overcoming obstacles and set backs; Picking themselves up when they get knocked down.

It is not easy being a winner, being a winner is by definition working harder than everyone else in that field.

So how do you become a winner? Well first you have to start with some Confidence.

Positive mental attitude. Drive. Desire. Motivation. Dedication. That’s not all of them – each person will have their own driving force but one is a good start.

The one that started me off was confidence – and the reason I had confidence? I started learning kickboxing. It offers you the interaction with others to build on social skills. It offers you the opportunity to push yourself physically further than you’ve ever been (someones idea of a warmup being 100 burpees as quick as you can). It gives you the tools to push yourself mentally (because when you break a jump spinning hook kick down to its component parts, there is an awful lot for your brain to put into sequence).

Most importantly, it will allow you to enjoy yourself. Lets be honest, being able to kick someone in the face is a pretty cool talent to have.

Don’t get me wrong, taking the first step outside your comfort zone you’re probably not going to like it at all, your emotions will be kicking and screaming to take them back to what they know because its safe. The second time you step out, maybe only half will be shouting at you, but maybe you’ll find a few that are egging you on to take another step.

Embrace them, step outside and start living.


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