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Heels off, Gloves on

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Women have finally broken the barrier into Kickboxing classes; not only is the ratio of women to men rising, Kong has enough demand to offer a ladies only class! In a mainly male orientated sport this is quite an accomplishment!

We often throw our kids into classes without a second thought

"Go on Jonny, go join in the football drills"

But reality is, when it's us trying a class for the first time, it's petrifying!

It's the unknown....

Instructors we don't know.

People we don't know - (Who all look like they know what they're doing !!!!)

And having to break a sweat, in front of people we don't know...

And take it from me...the thought of then holding pads, when a 13 stone man is hitting them, can be some what; off putting. Especially on your first taster lesson!

Our Kong Ladies classes are less about technique, and more about having fun, while punching and kicking. Think; kick-boxercise.

The beauty being, if you're enjoying the "Kickboxing" Element, you have the option to join our Tuesday or Thursday Beginner class, where we look deeper into punches and kicks.

Our professional, qualified and friendly instructors will guide you each step of the way. No matter how serious you want to take your training.

Let's be honest with ourselves... Not everyone is here to get a black belt, or learn a jumping spinning kick. Life is about enjoyment.

Why not have some fun and break yourself in gently to the martial art world.

Ultimately, what you put in to your workouts, will be reflected with what you get out... but you have to enjoy it!

There's a little bit of something for everyone at Kong!

And our family is big enough for everyone to join!

Kong Ladies Kickboxing
Ladies Only Kickboxing Bracknell

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