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K.O.N.G. 🦍

What does it mean?

In all honesty it has so much meaning to me. So It's difficult to focus on one point. But with regular blogs it's great fuel to keep me writing.

So let's break it down like this.

K. Kick

O. Out

N. Negative

G. Growth

Negative energy can grow faster than positive. One negative thought or moment can have more impact then several positives.

Why is this?

It just reminds us that we are vulnerable and things don't always go our way.

With this self doubt creeps in. Then your confidence is affected and the negatives can then grow!

All of us have had moments in life where we've let the negative grow.

We are all in the game of life it's bound to happen.

It's how you deal with it that matters. K.O.N.G.

But negativity isn't all bad. (No I'm not mad) hear me out.

It helps us understand more about ourselves.

How we react in those times can help you become a better you.

Understanding why we react the way we do.

Take what you can from the negative moments and stop them from growing.

At times it won't happen overnight but look for that silver lining and you will find it.

So the next time something negative happens, whether it's related to training, family, work, or life in general. Take a moment and think K.O.N.G. And kick out negative growth!


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