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Kong Martial Arts Family

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

To me, it's so much more than just a martial arts club.

We are a fully fledged family!

We look out for one and other, we have each others backs.

Each member of our family means the world to us at Kong, old and young.

We spend hours with you at training every day. We know your in's and out's!

You are the only ones who push me, then try to push past me and I love you for it!

Watching the friendships develop between the kids at class is an amazing thing. We've seen older kids, develop friendships with younger kids who are just spectating. We've seen kids who didn't know each other, and attended different primary schools, meet up for sleepovers and play dates.

Whether its supporting each others charity work - like our most recent Kenya project,

Offering to drop another student home, as the parent is caught at work,

Or meeting up for coffee with another student,

Kong has an amazing community within it!

As soon as we started Kong, the students became our family, the pads became our best friends, the hall became our home, and the sport has become our life! And we wouldn't change it for the world

Kong Family - Bracknell
Kong Family

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