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New Beginnings

Well, what can I say...

Here I am, sat at my computer, after the most surreal week of my life.

The support from everyone has been truly overwhelming.

-Students signing up, old and new

-Friends giving up their free time to help us out, in every which way thinkable.

-People sharing our posts constantly on social media sites

-Parents handing out leaflets around local schools and community groups

-Students taking time to leave us reviews on facebook and google

There's been so many thank you's to give out this week, I'm losing my voice.

The general response via our attendance of week 1, has been beyond humbling.

And to think; it's a reflection of our teaching abilities. Wow.

Life for me, is about enjoyment and I enjoy Martial Arts.

I can only hope that I pass this on to other students through my teaching.

Ultimately, you can't make someone enjoy something. That needs to come from within.

So here's to new beginnings....

This week, we've closed the door to the past, and opened the door to the future!

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