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New year same you.

New Year same story!

So many people looking to change,

start new things with good intentions but no real plans to follow them through.

I used to make all sorts of resolutions off the cuff to follow a trend. Then I realised I was missing the point.

If you genuinely wanted to stop certain things or stick to goals you've set. Then surely waiting until a New Year to go for these goals is slowing you down.

There is no better time then now!

Don't wait to create that better you. Get to work straight away!

Now I keep it simple....

But like I said I used to dream up all sorts. Nothing wrong with dreaming. We all do it. But it was goals I needed to set, and a goal is a dream with a plan!

Back to keeping it simple.

What really matters? Money and all it can buy? Objects?

For me it's now all about time, and how I use it.

The most valuable thing is time so I spend it wisely. Time with family creating new memories to look back and remember in years to come. Family isn't just relatives it's friends. Friends are the family you choose.

I now have the pleasure of spending time with my family a lot. My immediate and our Kong family!

So my goal each year is to be the same me. But spend my time with family. Make it yours it'll be your greatest investment.

RP 🦍

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