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Rest is Best :(

I'm lucky that I don't often get injuries, but when I do they're absolutely soul destroying.

I love training, whether that be kickboxing, weights, cardio... anything!

So when I'm injured I really struggle to refrain from resting as I'm desperate to get back training, but that in turn means I constantly niggle my injuries and prevent them from healing properly. This means an injury that should recover in a couple of weeks, will probably plague me for 4-6 weeks before I'm back to full fitness, and able to train 100%.

Writing this now I'm currently 4 weeks into a rib injury that has now stopped me training in any capacity and frustrating the hell out of me! It probably didn't help that one week after the injury I ignored the pain (went against my own advice!) and went back to weights and a boxing session! Safe to say, it made the injury much worse and has probably now set me back another few weeks before I get back to full fitness.

So learning once again from my own actions, it highlights the importance of listening to your body and resting when it needs it. Our determination to improve and get fitter, stronger and faster is brilliant, but when dealing with an injury we can be our own worst enemy.

I often get questions from students advising what they should do with a certain injury... sore muscles, sore joints, impact injuries etc.. The answer from me is generally the same, REST! If you are in pain or discomfort generally that's your body's natural mechanism telling you to stop as you are doing some level of damage. Of course different injuries require different treatments, but the general consensus is to rest whilst treating the injury to give it a chance to properly recover, as training through the pain barrier can cause further injury and potential permanent damage.

As an Instructor I'm not a doctor nor am I an X-Ray machine so if your ankle is swollen after landing awkwardly, seek medical advice. I can only tell you to rest, ice, compress and elevate it as a recommendation for a suspected sprain, I can't determine if its fractured or requires more serious treatment. If an injury is hindering you badly, for a long time, or causing you serious discomfort your first port of call should always be a doctor for professional medical advice.

Moral of the story, listen to your body! If you're body is hurting, rest it.

If its concerning you that rest alone won't suffice then visit your doctor for more targeted treatment, if in doubt, visit your doctor! Always give your body ample time to recover so that when you can train, you can train 100%. I am just as guilty as anyone else of this, but whilst I sit here unable to train, it frustrates me to think if I'd just dealt with this as I know how to, I would probably be back fighting fit in a weeks time, not facing another 4 weeks on the sidelines!

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