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Staying sane in lockdown

We’re all missing kickboxing, that goes without saying. Not being at Kong is detrimental to my physical health, but the bigger thing I’ve noticed is my mental health. It’s amazing how not being in your usual routine effects your mood..

We’ve all found ourselves in a very unique situation, of which no one, can say they’ve experienced before.

I’ve come up with some tips, and suggestions from my experiences to help with your mental state and to keep you sane during lock down.

Leave the house once a day

Sarah and I are very active normally, so this is something that’s a must for us. It’s easy to stay in, especially when it’s raining, but being in the same 4 walls can be mind numbing. Always make the most of your hours exercise; even if it’s only a walk. Ensure to try and get out the house. We‘ve been running, cycling or walking daily.

Working from home

If you‘re lucky enough to still be working, ensure your office space is separate from the rest of the house. Also if you‘re in a situation to be able to, make a rule that the kids can‘t come in. It needs to represent your office life as much as possible. Kids screaming “Dad, can you open these crisps for me” isnt exactly going to help you focus. One last thing, try and get changed into work clothes, or at least out of your PJ’s!

Communication is key

Stay communicated to loved ones daily. Just because we can’t see them; doesn't mean we can’t speak to them. I’ve been trying to ring (or even FaceTime) at least one person daily, it’s great to have a catch up and really has an impact on my mood, and no doubt the other persons too.

Date night

Once a week, we’ve been having themed date nights, and getting dressed up for each other.

Candles, music and a nice dinner. It makes me look forward to the weekend all week. We’ve done Mexican night and American night.

Maybe try a home cinema outside with a projector and get the kids involved too.

Take up a new hobby

If you do find yourself with spare time on your hands, try to take up a new hobby or maybe reignite an old one. Sitting on your phone scrolling through social media accomplishes nothing.

We’ve started 2 online courses; social media marketing and sports nutrition. They’re scheduled classes each week at the same time and they give good structure to the day. Sarah’s started painting and we’ve both got our bikes out (which we haven’t ridden in years).

Personal space

The biggest thing I’ve probably learnt, is I love Sarah very much, but we need our own space. I never appreciated time on my own, until it was taken away from me. Just because we are isolating together, doesn’t mean we have to live in each other’s pockets, however lockdown, in a small house - this has proved tricky!

Sometimes I’ll run by myself, or other times, just be in a separate room relaxing or doing jobs. But it’s important to have your own space

And finally, remember; it’s ok, to not be ok. There will be days when we don’t feel ok. Whether it’s a stressed or you feel a little down. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. None of us have had to do this before, it’s new to everyone.

So if you have a day, where you don’t feel ok; tell your loved one so they understand and know tomorrow is a fresh day, with a fresh start.

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