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- Of course, she is the best! — It's strange, the voice seems familiar, but I don't recognize it CasinoSenligneca.

- Tatyana, this is Sveta.

- Sveta? Ah, Sveta! Hello, hello, where are you calling from, from work?

No, I'm off today. Excuse me, Tatyana, maybe I was in vain ...

— What happened, Sveta? Hello!

- Tatyana, today I decided to go to one place, and, you know, it seemed to me that ...

The conversation was interrupted, beeps were heard.

— Hello! Hello! - The most stupid thing is to try to shout over these wee-wee-wee like that.

hung up and thought. But I don't like it. Highly. She took out a cigarette - there was one more left, the last one. And they don't like it.


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