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NET Framework 2.0 /.NET Framework 3.5 ** MinGW/GCC 2.95+ The maintainers of G2W2.dll are not responsible for this software. This software is provided free of charge for non-commercial use, but please refer to the license terms. ** MinGW/GCC 3.4+ ** MS Visual Studio 6.0+ Some of the software includes files from the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Resource Kit. These files are not part of the G2W2 distribution and we are not in control of them. These files might be in conflict with the files from this project. ** G2W2 GUI The software is licensed under GPLv2. You can view the license terms and read more on the sourceforge page. ** Source files You can find the source files in the G2W2 directory. ** License You may choose to use this software free of charge for non-commercial use, but please refer to the license terms. “They use the stories of homosexual conduct to stigmatise us, to take our human rights away,” says Vincent Mampruga. The pastor says he is ready to be persecuted if it means he can preserve a “moral compass” for others. He is one of more than a dozen pastors and activists whose voices were heard in a presentation to President Cyril Ramaphosa at an open discussion on the subject of gay and lesbian rights at parliament in Cape Town last Thursday. The group, dubbed the “prophetic voice” by Ramaphosa, was invited to the event by the ANC in an attempt to “develop a new conversation” on how to handle the proposed same-sex marriage legislation, which is currently being considered by the National Assembly. “We are here not only because of our opposition to the bill, but also in search of a new conversation that will go beyond the proposed bill,” says the Rev Mampruga. President Cyril Ramaphosa gives opening remarks. “We call on government to listen to the prophetic voice of our



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Fraps 3.2.1 Crack ivanulr

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