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One Day... Or Day One - You decide!

Our Martial Art classes are split into stand up fighting, and ground fighting. 
Kickboxing is our speciality for stand up fighting, we also cover Boxing, Taekwondo and Muay Thai techniques.  We have separate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes to keep the art as pure as possible.

MMA is where both arts mix and get tested in an all rounded sport.
We divide our classes into age appropriate groups to keep the training quality as high and targeted as possible (Tots, Kids, Teenagers & Adults). Not only this but we also split the sessions into ability to separate Beginners Kickboxing and Advanced Kickboxing
What could you benefit from from starting at Kong Martial Arts?
Improved fitness, Weight loss, Core conditioning, Improved self confidence, Learning self defence, Competition but one of the biggest reasons of all, is to be a part of our Kong Family and make new friends.


Our Commitment

Since we were established in 2018, Kong Martial Arts has grown strength to strength. We've branched out to be the only local school to offer such a wide variety under one roof. With both kids & adults kickboxing, Gi & no gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, dedicated ladies kickboxing classes, MMA, Fitness classes and toddler group sessions. 

 Whether you’re new to this, or looking to change clubs, Kong Martial Arts will welcome you to our team!

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Our Classes

At Kong Martial Arts we’ve got lots of options to choose from, click below to find out more about each class.

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kong tots

Start them young

2.5-4 years


diddy & me

Help train your child

4-6 years


diddy kongs

Making it fun

4-6 years



Fun while rolling

Ages 4-7


kids jiu-jitsu

Win or Learn

7-12 years


kids kickboxing

The journey begins

7-12 years


ladies kickboxing

Punch like a girl

Ages 12+


beginner kickboxing

Pads & Fitness

Ages 12+


advanced kickboxing

Take it up a gear

Ages 15+


Bjj (gi)


Ages 13+


bjj (no-gi)

Tap or be tapped

Ages 8+



The ultimate blend

Ages 8+

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Kong Fitness

Functional Fitness

Ages 16+


Private training

Get up to speed - Enquire Now

All ages

Contact Us

Kong Martial Arts

Ranelagh School

Ranelagh Drive


RG12 9DA

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