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What age do you teach children from?

We take kickboxers from 2.5 years and jiujitsu kids from 4 years

Start them young!

Can I pay annually?

Yes, we offer both monthly and annual payment plans. Paying annually gets you two months free!

Do you offer guest passes?

We believe in making martial arts accessible to all. We offer a drop-in fee of £15, so you can top up your current training with extra classes. 

We have an everyone welcome attitude!

Remember this is not the most cost effective way to train. our monthly packages work out as cheap as a £3 per session. With no contract this is your best long term option.

We also offer 2 free trials - if your intending on signing up 

Where can I get equipment & clothing?

We have a Kong Shop, where you can buy all your kit & gear!

How do your gradings work?

Kickboxing & Jiu-Jitsu gradings work very differently 

Kickboxers will either grade 3 times a year, or 6 times a year. 

This will depend if they're training once a week or more frequently.

Our gradings white to blue belt are free of charge and take place on a week night 

The purple belt is your sparring grading which takes place during class each month.

And brown belts pay to private grade on weekends.

Black belt gradings are held annually around winter time and take around 8 hours to complete!

All gradings must be pre registered for, using the members section of our website 

Jiujitsu gradings work very differently - speak with your coach for an explanation 

How can I access your calendar?

Our calendar can be added to phones using the link below!


Do you offer any discount?

We offer courses, family packages and options to pay annually.


Annual is our most cost effective option.

Contact us today for any further questions.

What will I need on my first lesson?


Comfy clothes


Sliders / Flip flops



Own gloves / pads / gi 

Advanced optional 


Sparring kit


Do you teach on mats?

Kickboxing - currently no, but this may change in the future

BJJ - Yes, we have very good quality mats, and take good care of them. 

We are strict on hygiene so everyone must ensure they have clean feet before entering the mats. This helps us keep ring worm and other mat issues at bay

Do you post photos?

Kong loves socials & being active online.

You'll often see the Kong Cam while you're training.

Grading photos etc get added to our facebook monthly albums 

Separate to Kong cam, also have a professional class photographer who pops down occasionally- where you can buy your photos in high res online. 

am I too unfit or old?

Absolutely not, we have taught every shape & size, through every step of their journey. 

It's never too late to start. 

Remember - one day... or day one! you decide 

Our current eldest members are in their 60's so what excuse have you got?


Can I compete?

Yes - Kong loves a competition, be it in kickboxing or jiu-jitsu. 

There are many oppertunities a year to compete for both kids & adults 

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