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kids jiu-jitsu


Type Kong Martial Arts into google maps or apple maps 

Do not type in Ranelagh School


Main School, not the sports building. Park anywhere available

Enter through the main school doors, and head straight down the corridor 

Grab our receptionist as soon as you arrive to fill out a medical form

Front gate code = #7808

Come through the main school doors - See map below 


what to bring / wear 

We lend you a Gi for your first 2 lessons. Please leave it at the end of class for us to wash 

Wear tshirt & shorts under your gi 



NOTE - keep feet clean when not on mats, this means wearing footwear when not on mats


Welcome to watch however due to limited space on the benches please arrive without pushchairs 

Pricing and sign up info

Will be sent to you after your first free trial 


Diddy Jitsu - Monday 6.15pm

Kids BJJ - Mondays & Wednesdays 7.00pm

Arrival Time : 20 minutes early

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