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congratulations on your first lesson

Now your journey in the martial art world begins, as you join our kong family!

Thanks for taking part in your first lesson, we hope you enjoyed it. Below is all the information you should need to sign up. 

If you have any questions just drop us an email. 

Please arrive early next week to sign up, or drop us an email now.



You have 2 main options when signing up

Option 1= Signing up normally. One month direct debit and admin fee

Option 2= Taking advantage of our 25% off course price. Includes admin fee and your 12 week course. Once your course ends, you'll be automatically put onto a monthly direct debit

You can mix & match your sessions across Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu & MMA

Course pricing


direct debit Pricing (also after course ends)
Admin fee

Here is what is included with each admin fee. Admin fee amounts can be found above 

annual payment

We accept annual payments also saving you 2 months every year. Please speak to reception if you wish to make an annual payment and save on 2 months fees!


When signing up you can mix and match classes to suit you. 

Parents - we ask you stick to a chosen day to train if your once a week to help us with numbers. Swapping occasionally isn't a problem 


You will be given a uniform when you sign up

Kids - it is expected of you to have full uniform & belt (tied correctly) every week

Kickboxers, t-shirts tucked into your shorts. Bare foot

Black under shorts or spats to be worn 

Adults - We take a more relaxed view on uniform. No belts required. Trainers are not recommended due to the high heel section of the shoe 


Below is what is recommended in a basic kitbag 


Please take time to read our T&C attached here 

Orders & clothing 

If you wish to order anything, please speak with our reception team at class, or via email 

Or alternatively visit our kong shop

Payment details 

KMA Jiu-Jitsu



Important dates 

Feel free to add our calendar to your phone for live updates and info on events 

Paste this calendar link into your browser 


Kids info

Kickboxers - sparring week is once a month - no matter what package you're on, you're welcome to train all week at every class if you own kit!

A copy of our welcome promise can be found on our student area. This is expected to be learnt.

Belts - you must learn to tie your belt neatly. Again this is expected to be learnt.

Uniform is strict, please see photo of how we expect you to dress. T-shirts tucked into shorts. Under shorts recommended 




Kong is closed for 3 weeks a year, 

2 in the winter and 1 in the summer. Closure dates will be added to the calendar link. 


Kickboxing gradings will take place depending on how often you train (Dates found on dates section of website)

Once a week students grade up to 3 times a year

Twice a week students grade up to 6 times a year

February - Thursday students

April - Tuesday / Wednesday students

June - Thursday students

August - Wednesday / Thursday students

October - Thursday students 

December - Wednesday / Thursday students

Please note - Wednesday students grade on the same day, as the Tuesday gradings. You may attend twice that week for extra training 

Our week night gradings are free of charge to anyone below purple belt. Gradings then occur on Saturdays & incur a grading fee.

Private gradings are an option if you miss a grading day, please contact us via email if you need to book in (grading fee applies)

You are required to pre register for gradings, by sending in your belt grade and full name to our team.

All Diddys grade every 2 months and are awarded their belts on "time served" rather than a test. 

Tots collect stickers weekly, and work towards belts in this way 

Jiu-Jitsu gradings take place throughout the year at the instructors for digression, and stripes can be awarded by the instructor also at any time. Speak with your coach for more info.


We use WhatsApp for our communications for classes & updates 

Please add yourself to ALL MEMBERS and then your relevant classes


Tots & Diddys -

BJJ kids

Kickboxing Kids

Kickboxing Adults

BJJ MMA Adults

Kong Fitness

please arrive early next session if you wish to sign up



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